Criminal Defense

Fraud and forgery are becoming some of the most common crimes committed in New York. In response, New York law enforcement has stepped up prosecution of these offenses by forming specialized units that concentrate solely on these offenses. According to the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor in New York, those alleged to have committed fraud, such as insurance fraud and health care fraud, come from a background that is more diverse than almost any other type of crime. Thus, a good attorney is needed to fight for you!

Our fraud defense lawyers can help you construct the best defense in any court in New York. Because these crimes are non-violent in nature, there is no emergency that requires an immediate arrest. As a result, you may be contacted by law enforcement long before an arrest is planned to provide documents or provide a statement. In addition, insurance providers, credit card companies and other businesses may contact you if they suspect you of fraud. They are required to report allegations of fraud to law enforcement. Thus, anything you say to them may be used against you. If you are contacted by anyone regarding possible allegations of fraud, contact the New York law firm of Ali & Bains, P.C. to speak to an fraud defense attorney at any time.

Your decision to contact a tough, smart fraud defense lawyer immediately may be crucial to achieving a favorable result to your fraud case. Contact Ali & Bains, P.C. now to speak with an experienced New York fraud and forgery defense lawyer.

We have the experience, knowledge and innovative defense tactics to help protect you as well as your family, career and reputation. When you hire the New York criminal defense law firm of Ali & Bains, P.C, a team of tough, smart fraud defense attorneys will craft a strategy that is uniquely tailored to help achieve the result you want in your case. Our battle plan to attack the allegations against you is then immediately started so we can get ahead of the case.


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