Criminal Defense

Although the Second Amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms, possession of guns or other weapons in New York is often looked at with a suspicious eye by NY law enforcement. In addition, penalties for firearms charges in New York can be very harsh, with some requiring mandatory and lengthy periods of prison, even for first time offenders. You may also be facing a loss of your right to own a firearm. Thus, the best defense for your case may depend on what lawyer you call.

Whether you are a hunter, a collector or just the average citizen, a New York weapons charge can ruin your career and your reputation. As defense attorneys, we recognize that your possession or use of a gun may be completely legal. However, New York law enforcement may have another opinion. Our tough, smart New York criminal defense attorneys will work quickly to convince them otherwise and eliminate all of the charges against you. Also, if your property is taken, we will do everything we can to get it back because you have the right to hunt, maintain a collection and protect your family!



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