Domestic Relations

Domestic violence is a sensitive and emotional matter that impacts entire families in various ways. A victim of domestic violence may fear for his or her safety and the safety of his or her children. An individual accused of domestic violence may have limitations placed on his or her freedoms. When children are involved, child custody, visitation and child support decisions can be influenced. We have experience in representing victims and those who are accused can be used to help you and your family.

Have you been issued a restraining order (order of protection) or need legal assistance regarding spousal abuse defense? Are you a victim of domestic violence and need assistance filing an abuse complaint? Call the Law Firm of Ali & Bains today to arrange a consultation.

Have you been accused of domestic violence?
Domestic violence charges can be filed in criminal court or family court. If you have been issued an order of protection by a criminal court and are prohibited to have contact with your children or family, you may have options. We can help you explore these options. We also help individuals reinstate visitation rights which can include supervised visitation or less restrictive visitation.

Are you the victim of domestic violence?
Domestic violence takes shape through many forms of abuse including assault, battery and emotional abuse. If you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can help. You have rights as a victim. You are entitled to protection for you and your children. We can help you obtain an order of protection to keep you and your children safe.

For help with your domestic violence matter, call the Law Firm of Ali & Bains today.


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