Domestic Relations

In New York, restraining orders are also referred to as orders of protection. We help victims of family violence obtain orders of protection, and  we defend those accused of family violence as well. We recognize each client’s situation is unique and approach each client’s needs with this in mind.

Have you been issued an order of protection, and need an experienced attorney to defend you? Have you been the victim of domestic violence and need assistance obtaining an order of protection? Call the Law Firm of Ali & Bains today to arrange a consultation.

Have you been served an order of protection?
We have been a family law attorney for over 40 years. Our experience is broad, with an in-depth understanding of various domestic issues. We understand that allegations of abuse can affect court decisions regarding child custody and child support. Some clients may require representation in (IDV) Court—a court that handles all matters before one judge. If you have been served an order of protection, our firm can respond to the order with experienced and effective defense. If you have been served with an order of protection, you may be unable to access your home, your personal property and may be unable to see your children. I pursue favorable resolutions to these issues.

Have you been the victim of family violence?
If you have suffered domestic abuse such as physical abuse, harassment or sexual assault, we can provide you the legal support you need during this difficult time. You have the right to protect yourself and your children from harm. We help victims of domestic violence obtain temporary orders of protection and final orders of protection. An order of protection serves to protect you in ways such as:

  • Orders the abuser to stop abusing you and your children
  • Orders the abuser to stay away from your home and place of work
  • Orders the abuser to stop all contact with you

If you need assistance with a legal matter involving an order of protection, call the Law Firm of Ali & Bains today.



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