At Ali & Bains P.C. we have experience and a record of success in a broad range of litigation related to commercial landlords and tenants. Our clients include landlords, tenants, subtenants, licensees, and property managers. Advocating zealously for them, we help protect their rights under their lease, contract, or under New York statutory law. Contact us to discuss your concerns:

  • Lease disputes
  • Disputes over breach of warranty of habitability
  • Disputes over rent overcharge or nonpayment
  • Tenant evictions/summary proceedings
  • Retaliatory evictions
  • Yellowstone injunctions
  • Holdover or nonpayment proceedings
  • Warrants of eviction
  • Trials and appeals
  • Protecting Retail Tenants from Overly Zealous Commercial Developers

In New York, many retail tenants every year find themselves involved in conflicts with landlords and overly zealous commercial developers who will try anything to develop their property, just to make more money and get rid of the current retail tenant. We fight hard for the commercial retail tenants they try to take advantage of because we know the challenges of New York City business. At Ali & Bains. P.C., we aggressively fight commercial developers who wish to evict tenants on short notice. If you have received a letter telling you that your commercial building is going condo, or if condominium construction has begun around your office or business space and is affecting your rights, call the Ali & Bains P.C. We can help you understand protections, like preliminary injunctions or Yellowstone injunctions, which may be available under New York state law.


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